Tricia Monsen Founder / CEO

I received my degree in Interior Design in 2002. I have worked in the design field part-time for 14 years, and have been able to work full time the last two years. I’m excited to be launching Monsen Design full time! I’m a mom to two boys, so I know the need of having a well-functioning home with our busy life. I also know the desire to have a home that is beautiful as well as livable. I’m blessed to be able to pursue my passion, and I look forward to being able to work with you and create a home that works for you and your family, custom designed for your way of life.

My Speciality

I have a passion for home design. Your home should reflect who you are and your family’s tastes. It should be functional as well as attractive. Just as each client is unique, each home is unique in its appearance and the way it needs to function. Whether it’s as simple as one room or a whole house, a new home or remodel, I can guide you along the way. Starting with a good design foundation will save you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes.

My goal is to make your home one that reflects you and one you enjoy coming home to. It doesn’t matter whether your home is big or small, grand or intimate, every home can benefit from good interior design.