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Vintage Brass Hollywood Tripod Lamp

This vintage brass Hollywood telescoping tripod lamp was once used for cameras, now is a sleek lamp. It stands 58″ tall with the shade. The gold lined silk shade is 15x19x12. The lamp also has a 3 way switch. $200

Korean War Era Artillary Shell Case Lamps

Two 1953 US Military 75 MM M31A1 Recoiless Rifle Artillary Shell Cases that have been made into lamps. Each has a 30 watt edison bulbs that are controlled by an in-line switch with 2 levels of brightness. They give out a great light pattern and are great for ambiance. 16″ x 4.25″ $150 for pair

Vintage Skis

These vintage skis would look great displayed¬†up on a wall. They date between 1935-1940 and are made by the Northland Ski Mfg. Co. in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They are in great condition for their age, just a few areas of wear, which I show in the photos. They are 76.5″ tall and are 3.5″ wide at widest point. $100