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Thank You!

It’s done. It’s finally finished!!! My website has been such a long, I mean LONG time in coming and was such a long journey for me. Before I say anything else on this blog, I just wanted to thank all the people who helped me get to this point.

Thank you Lorelei & Jonathan Felchlin, Lucid Ascent for building this website and saving me from my inabilities as a web designer. Thanks to Kelly Bangs Creative for her creative graphic design with my logo, business cards and brochures. Thank you to Jennifer Tibbetts Photography for her beautiful photos of my chair. Also my friend and fellow designer Kitty Edenholm and friend and Real Estate agent Rebecca Del Pozo, who’s trust in me gave me that final kick I needed to finish it up. And last but not least, my husband, who has encouraged me, pushed me, prodded me, and supported me along the entire way in this endeavor. Thank you and welcome to my website!